Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, january 24, **Standard**

today was a weird one, i walked into my store and saw A lot of new people, i love new magic players able to teach new people about the game is another passion i have. did some trading got my hands on some rare all is dust's and the tournament begins. I lend my decks out more often then i like, but i know how to beat each one so i do it any how.
my deck for today is...      Valakut Titan 

round 1, a new player, i introduced my self and did my pre game routine, i start off with a pretty good hand green land ramp and a threat, i smashed him up and the only spell he casted was a duress, game 2 was the same but he casted a vampire night hawk this time.

easy win, i found he this was his first tournament, i looked through his collection and did my best to help his deck along, he was happy for the advice and i made a new friend.

round 2, oh nathan i do love you so, my friend nathan and i faced off, he plays eltrazi ramp and is a dam fine player at that, i believe i have the upper edge in this match up even though i can die at any moment to a 15/15 flyer. first game began with me bolting his joraga treespeaker, and i i played a koth on turn 3, turn 4 i made the choice, i could ether hard cast a trap and use koth to attack for 4 or pass the turn and leave trap on his end. i did the greedy thing and trapped into a avenger and hit him for 4, he looked at me with disappointment, the next turn i played a cultivate and a harrow and smashed in for 30+, he told me after that i would have died to a all is dust,

Game 2, i bring in the 2 tunnel ignis, he starts off strong, i start out with a tunnel ignus, he laughs and plays a 3rd ever-flowing challis, he taps out for a trasisdon and blows up my green sourses and my koth, i recover intill he taps out for a ulamog, gg 

game 3, this game went back and forth, i bolted his tree speaker again and his 12/12 off a trap was no match for my 2 primeval titans and lots of mountains

round 3, elves, easy win both games nothing needs to be said

round 4, i know my opponent is playing blue white i also know I'd crush him. however valakut has this thing where sometimes is dose nothing and the deck sucks, so i offer a tie and we play edh


overall a good day, i get first place win some store creadit got some trades and had tones of fun
i'll talk about my edh deck another time, just as you may guess i play with the most hated general Zur the enchanter

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome, first entry

hello there, my name is derek i am a average person from Ontario that enjoys playing magic the gathering.

this blog was inspired by a good friend of mine and he thought people would like it.

so here we go, in this blog i will be writing about me and my experiences in magic the gathering, i play as much as i can and i love doing it, i will talk about formats, card choices, deck lists and play by plays, in the form of "getting there" which means in my eyes winning in a epic way.

my first post will be tomorrow night and plan to post at least 3 times a week.

tomrrow i'll be talking about me the decks i play and other information you might be interested in