Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, january 24, **Standard**

today was a weird one, i walked into my store and saw A lot of new people, i love new magic players able to teach new people about the game is another passion i have. did some trading got my hands on some rare all is dust's and the tournament begins. I lend my decks out more often then i like, but i know how to beat each one so i do it any how.
my deck for today is...      Valakut Titan 

round 1, a new player, i introduced my self and did my pre game routine, i start off with a pretty good hand green land ramp and a threat, i smashed him up and the only spell he casted was a duress, game 2 was the same but he casted a vampire night hawk this time.

easy win, i found he this was his first tournament, i looked through his collection and did my best to help his deck along, he was happy for the advice and i made a new friend.

round 2, oh nathan i do love you so, my friend nathan and i faced off, he plays eltrazi ramp and is a dam fine player at that, i believe i have the upper edge in this match up even though i can die at any moment to a 15/15 flyer. first game began with me bolting his joraga treespeaker, and i i played a koth on turn 3, turn 4 i made the choice, i could ether hard cast a trap and use koth to attack for 4 or pass the turn and leave trap on his end. i did the greedy thing and trapped into a avenger and hit him for 4, he looked at me with disappointment, the next turn i played a cultivate and a harrow and smashed in for 30+, he told me after that i would have died to a all is dust,

Game 2, i bring in the 2 tunnel ignis, he starts off strong, i start out with a tunnel ignus, he laughs and plays a 3rd ever-flowing challis, he taps out for a trasisdon and blows up my green sourses and my koth, i recover intill he taps out for a ulamog, gg 

game 3, this game went back and forth, i bolted his tree speaker again and his 12/12 off a trap was no match for my 2 primeval titans and lots of mountains

round 3, elves, easy win both games nothing needs to be said

round 4, i know my opponent is playing blue white i also know I'd crush him. however valakut has this thing where sometimes is dose nothing and the deck sucks, so i offer a tie and we play edh


overall a good day, i get first place win some store creadit got some trades and had tones of fun
i'll talk about my edh deck another time, just as you may guess i play with the most hated general Zur the enchanter


  1. Naturalize is standard? How? They reprint it in the new sets?

  2. sure did, twice actually, in rise of eltrazi and m11

  3. I had a couple friends that were big into this.

    I never really had the time or money to build a deck, so I just sat back and watched.

    They had some pretty intense games, though, man, I'll tell you.

  4. Nice winning all the matches and grats on first place!

  5. A great hobby! :)

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  6. Oh no way! What are the odds?!? I come across a blog about Magic! Hey, check out my latest post, I just featured a Magic card you may be familiar with :D Following and supporting!

  7. magic the gathering is actually a very cool game. too bad it has such a negative stigma attached to it. i didn't know people still played.

  8. Grats for the first place!
    I used to collect magic cards a few years ago

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  10. great blog man!! i don't know much about magic but i'm looking forward to learning!!

  11. I too look forward to learning about this game! Followed!

  12. Great read!


  13. Oh man it's been forever since I played MTG.
    I still enjoy reading about it, though. Followed!

  14. nice blog
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  15. Grats bro, and interesting deck there.